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VMware Virtualization

VMware's virtualization enables the use of multiple operating systems while creating a highly effecient computing environment.

  • Reduce capex and opex
  • Increase business continuity
  • Extensible
  • Security-focused
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What is VMware Virtualization?

Virtualization is the process of abstracting the software layers from the hardware and in essence allow you to create multiple software environments on a single piece of hardware or create one large software environment across multiple pieces of hardware. Through this abstraction, a private cloud can be built greatly increasing computing efficiency. Some of the characteristics include:

  • Standardization

    Standardized hardware creates efficiencies with the resource pools. Creating an environment based on standardized hardware removes unnecessary complexity within the data center dynamic.

  • Holistic

    Cloud infrastructure is designed to support any and all workloads and to do so in the most optimized way possible across the entire data center.

  • Adaptive

    Cloud infrastructure must be dynamic in its ability to adapt to changes in the resource workload. This adaptability should be automated and built on defined configurations and according to the demands of the applications it runs.

  • Automated

    Automation is the hallmark of quality cloud infrastructure. Specifically when using software to define the data center space, the framework must have built-in intelligences to eliminate complexity and create elastic computing without needing direct human guidance.

  • Resilient

    Private clouds must be able to compensate for hardware and software failure. Coupled with automation and adaptability, the network should be automated in its approach to adapt to possible problems and continue with the highest level of availability.