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VMware Virtual Machines

SingleHop Enterprise Private Cloud Powered by VMware gives organizations all of the benefits of virtualization coupled with the security inherent in private cloud deployments. With a private cloud whether deployed on a single server or across a pool of resources— the infrastructure is completely yours, without the security concerns of public cloud shared space.

  • Increase Resource Utilization
  • Improved Provisioning
  • Increased Scalability
  • Help Hardware Consolidate
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What are VMware Virtual Machines?

A virtual machine (VM) is a software defined computer system. Because a VM is defined by software and not constrained by hardware, it can span several servers or can take up a small amount of space on a single server. Using VMs for compute power can greatly increase efficiency.

  • Automated System Patching.

    vSphere supports seamless, automatic patches on all levels of your Enterprise Private Cloud.

  • Automatic Failover / High Availability.

    This is possible because of the fast, redundant SAN-based Cloud Storage that is leveraged by the SingleHop Cloud.

  • Rule-based AutoScaling.

    Leverage our Rule-based AutoScaling technology to write business rules that define when your Cloud Servers increase or decrease their allotted resources based on real-time system status information.

  • Flexible Provisioning.

    SingleHop Enterprise Private Clouds are powered by VMware vSphere which fully supports thin provisioning. Cloud Servers simply grow into their allotted space as needed.