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VMware Private Clouds

Support any workload with incredible flexibility and security, combined with the peace of mind of an enterprise cloud platform.

  • Single Tenant
  • Elastic
  • Fully Compliant
  • Industry Leading SLA
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What is Private Cloud Hosting?

SingleHop's Private Cloud, powered by VMware, gives organizations all of the benefits of virtualization coupled with the security inherent in a single-tenant environment. With a private cloud the infrastructure is completely yours, without the security or compliance concerns of shared platforms.

  • Extensible

    SingleHop's Private Cloud offers the ability to scale your instances as necessary. Use VMware Hot-Add to add or remove CPU and Memory to virtual machines without rebooting to better-utilize your cloud resources.

  • Compliance-Ready

    Our platform makes obtaining compliance easy by offering all the building blocks needed to comply industry's standards for secure computing. It starts with our data centers' physical security, extends into our network layer, and finally into how we work with you to build your private cloud infrastructure.

  • Security-Focused

    In a single-tenant space, networks are locked down on multiple logical layers using a variety of methods. The data in your private cloud is firmly protected and isolated at the hypervisor and network levels.

  • High Degree of Flexibility

    Use only the space you really need on each virtual machine. SingleHop Enterprise Private Clouds are powered by VMware vSphere, which fully supports thin provisioning. This enables you to over provision resources, while the image uses only the amount of actual space needed for the server. Cloud Servers simply grow into their allotted space as needed.